Austin Ink Studio is a publishing platform helping women write and publish their stories to become authors. Our mission and vision is to inspire and provide guidance to write and share your stories with the world. Embracing your story is liberating in itself but writing and publishing it, is a life changing experience. 

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We created a Co-Author platform for individuals who wish to share their story with the world but are not quite ready to write an entire book on their own. Co-Authoring a book has so many perks, starting with the fact that you only have to write “half” a book! Adding the title Author to your resume of course and you get the opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths while building relationships.

The Best-Selling Book Series: Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation was created for you to share your yoga and meditation journey with the world. It’s a unique project shining light on women from all walks of life through their journey of becoming resilient. Our stories inspire others to shine light on themselves.Celebrating, sisterhood, self love, yoga meditation, community and the power of story.

We are now accepting co-author applications for our next volume. We want to hear from you! What did you learn about yourself on this yoga and mediation journey of yours.?  Become a co-author by sharing your story and life experiences with the world.


We are looking for yogi's, yoga teachers, meditation teachers and meditation practitioners. We want to hear from you!