Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation is not only a Best-Selling Book Series but also a Virtual Summit offering insight and wisdom from Yogi’s around the world.Covering Topics that go beyond the basic practice of yoga.

Join us for discussions around emotional, mental, and physical well being. We will take you on an exploration to becoming more self aware and to learn how to flow through life with grace and ease.

This is about exploring your body, mind, and spiritual life. We want to inspire and motivate you to deepen your knowledge of yoga and meditation and its many benefits in your personal and professional life.



  • How to create and host a Yoga Retreat with no following or list

  • Learn how to become a successful Yoga Author and create a new stream of income with (3) Book Launches



  • How To Become Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation in your personal and professional life.

  • Bouncing Back From Life Challenges Through Mind, Body and Spiritual Grounding



  • Learn how to create a unique space and run a successful Yoga Studio and Boutique (even in your home)

  • Become Resilient as a Yogipreneur and successful brand (website, blog, vlog)



  • How to create a perfect wellness diet for your life style. (yummy meals)

  • Yoga, Meditation and Self Awareness for creating balance in your life (self-love at its best!


  • 20 + Expert interviews and lessons

  • Full Access to Entire Summit Both Days

  • Exclusive Bonuses and Giveaways

  • Signed Copy of Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation (Selective Vol.)

  • $50 Credit toward Co-Author Placement in our Best- Selling Yoga Book Series

  • PDf’s and Templates with Lifetime Access To learn at your own pace.

  • Templates and additional resources on your journey to succeed

  • Bonus live group training to accomplish your goals (SELECTIVE LECTURES)

  • Personal Wellness diet Lifestyle Plan

  • $100 Credit toward Your Very own Wellness Book Publishing Opportunity and much more

  • A Step by Step Guide and talk on How to Create and Host a Retreat the easy way. Cost effective and easy to follow. A Great Business Model if you love retreats

  • Learn how to build a platform as a Yogi Author. Inspire,teach and share your knowledge with others who want to learn more about the healing arts and wellness community.

  • Learn the best asana’s for stress release, anger management, anxiety and tension in the mind and body

  • Learn How to create and run a yoga studio or create a studio in your home A great business model for the free spirit. We will also cover Mobile studios as well.

  • Learn how to set up your website, blog, or vlog to build a successful yoga platform. Its possible to create the life you want.

  • The Wellness diet like no other. Whether you enjoy juicing or just eating healthy, We will guide you through this process of living your best life with yummy meals.



The Yogi Prenuer- You want to make a huge impact in the wellness world. Resilience Through Yoga and Meditation Summit provides a road map for a successful launch whether its a blog, website or studio. Create a bigger impact in less time and less headache.

The Aspiring Yogi - You want to create a daily practice of yoga or meditation to reduce stress in your life and find inner peace. This Summit will allow you to sort through the fundamentals of yoga to choose the best style preference for your personality.

The Yogi - You want to teach a little, be free within your space and find the right diet. Not much of a chef but willing to learn. We have a few great sessions for you to dive into over a cup a tea. A new wellness plan is just want you need and we have it!

The Yoga Teacher - Yes, you have the website but not quite sure how to do more. We will discuss how to create phenomenal retreats and write your best-selling book to create a strong platform.